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November 10, 2012
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Curse you, GAK! by Mental-Mischief Curse you, GAK! by Mental-Mischief
See that bandwagon over there? ... Yeah... I jumped on it.

I really wish that they had done more with Sombra in the premiere... or at least given him a single moment of total, evil "badass-ery"... but no... he didn't get one... he barely did anything... which makes me sad. He had so much potential and so little screen time.

As far as GAK goes... I got really annoyed by those commercials, frankly... There was at least one during each commercial break... two on some... I'm not surprised that Bronies turned it into a meme... but I never expected the extent of which it would go... Yeesh... and now I suppose MLB is gonna be flooding with it for at least the next week...

I have no idea why I gave him a monocle... just felt like he needed one. Monocles are cool. :meow:

The painting is a screenshot of Sombra in his castle from the episode.
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It wasn't the Crystal Heart that defeated Sombra. It was Gak. I'm so glad it hasn't infected other episodes since
LOz-Lola123 Mar 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Reminda me of how Happy toon season three where they were having gak commercials.
Normally I don't sympathise with villains, but Sombra's confusion is understood. Though we haven't seen as many Gak commercials in recent weeks, I cannot get that annoying announcer or Gak's accessories out of my head!:frustrated:
Color-Clouds Feb 8, 2013  Student General Artist
exactly what I said a day after the episode (I watched the episode later and didn't see the commercials) and then I just had to look it up.


once you go gak,

you'll never go back.
Get some Gak, it comes in black!
You can eat it for a snack!
TheCheeseburger Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
King Sombra like a sir.
I am wondering the same thing Sombra. We was not seeing a tsunami of Gak coming.
Also, a tsunami of Gak? You could've replaced Sombra with one and it would've made zero difference for the plot.
I know it is a joke, but I really can't hold myself back here. Sorry.

It would not have made any sense, or really, less sense then having King Sombra.

I really hope he maybe can return. The lack of dialogue from him is annoying.

We at least don't get flooded by Gak anymore.
Sauron had no dialogue either
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